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30/01/2019 ‘Later in the day a salvo of artillery shells fell on part of the Battalion defences destroying one of the anti-tank guns, killing five men and wounding nine others. One of the wounded was Captain Jimmy Browne, hit by shrapnel close to Company HQ in an orchard. Jimmy was not one of the Battalion’s sportsmen, much preferring more academic interests, not to mention good food and wine. As the stretcher-bearers struggled to bring his generous frame to the RAP a strongly built French farmer lent a welcome hand. While being treated Jimmy complained that he had trained for four years for a war in which he had lasted forty-eight hours. Harry Pegg was among those who assisted with the recovery of the wounded, a wheelbarrow being used to convey many of the injured men to the RAP. Those killed were Lance Sergeant Charles Allen, Rifleman Patrick Mullins, Rifleman Edward Payne and Rifleman Starr. Corporal Raynham of the Signals Platoon was taken to the RAP, but died of his wounds.’
30/01/2019 The circumstances of his death were as follows:-
30/01/2019 Many thanks to Dr Andrew Charles BA (Hons) M.M., MRes, for all the information and photos here. He is the great-nephew of Allen. Thanks to WW2-NI for the circumstances of death.
16/07/2018 The inscription on his grave reads: TO LIVE IN THE HEARTS OF THOSE WE LOVE IS NOT TO DIE
16/07/2018 The CWGC record Lance Sergeant Allen Charles as the son of Mr and Mrs Robert Charles, He is also recorded as the husband of Mavis Charles of Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England.
16/07/2018 His half-brother, Andrew Charles, also served with the Royal Ulster Rifles during the D-Day. He survived the war.
16/07/2018 Lance Sergeant Allen Charles is buried in Ranville Cemetery, north of Caen in northern France.
16/07/2018 Lance Sergeant Allen Charles was serving with the 1st (Airborne) Battalion of the Royal Ulster Rifles when he was killed by friendly fire on 8th June 1944 during the Normandy landings.
16/07/2018 Allen Charles married Mavis Charles.
16/07/2018 As a young man Allen went to live in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England.
16/07/2018 Known family: Robert Charles, Mother unknown, Robert Charles, Allen Charles (born about 1921), Andrew Charles (half-brother).
16/07/2018 The family lived in Desertmartin in what is now a shop in front of the Orange Hall.
16/07/2018 Allen Charles was born in Desertmartin about 1921.
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